Thursday, March 19, 2009

painting thread-

So when we strolled through Chelsea yesterday I left out artist Michael Raedecker, with the intention of a solo post on him today. 'Cause darn it he deserves it.
I vaguely remember seeing his work 2 years ago at his last show at Andrea Rosen Gallery and I vaguely remember liking the work. But at that time I ad not yet truly identified as a fiber artist. I had just began to use embroidery as a medium and had not gotten anywhere near as inspired or as devoted to my needle and thread.

But now- I loved the work. Michael combines painting and stitching to create truly gorgeous and quite landscapes and still lives. Often the works are painted with very thin washes so that the drawing beneath is still visible. Resulting in a beautiful textural quality.

Unfortunately, the work does not even begin to translate in photographs on the web. The scale and many subtle layers are essential to the works experience- and these are simply invisible in all the photos that I could find. So if you are able to stop by and see the show I highly recommend it- if not definitely keep your eyes and ears open in case he ever has work near you.

BTW, do you see the larger painting of a clothes line on the right? It was so gorgeous - but then again I love the image of a clothesline in general. I am actually thinking of proposing a temporary public piece base on clothes lines....I have to think about it some more.

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Brittany Noel said...

Wow, these look beautiful. And I definitely can see that they'd be so much different in person.