Thursday, March 12, 2009

the pleasure...

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Stacey Renee Morrison yesterday for coffee and it was indeed a pleasure. We met via a post I did on her work Mama's House (image above)...and decided to meet in person. Besides the fact that she was absolutely lovely - I felt like I had known her forever- the comfort and familiarity I felt is very rare for me... so as I said a pleasure.

And talking to a fellow photographer and perusing some photos on the internet got me craving to be a little more aggressive about shooting again...but once a series has ended I always have a bit of a time finding the next one. .. it needs to happen serendipitously. So I am hoping that just by finally getting into the darkroom and printing along with dragging my camera a few places will get me inspired again.

Until then I have some exciting new things happening in the studio to work on.


Liz said...

Stacey was in our last group exhibition "Converging Margins" curated by Leah Oates. her work is wonderful and she did a great job during our panel talk. I am so glad you two connected.

Joetta said...

so awesome that you met her...she is so lovely.