Monday, March 2, 2009

not pulling my hair out...

I was so glad the weekend went smoothly and I did not end up pulling my hair out -
and I was delighted to discover the work of Althea Murphy Price- her work is inspired and often made with hair...luckily cut off hair not pulled out hair.

I particularly love the Hair Rug series- I in general love work that references and uses the patterns of lace, which this work reminds me of. Lace is already so delicate it almost seems like a remnant- so work that creates lace through remnant is very touching and beautiful to me. These Hair rugs made out of hair clippings also remind me of the inspiring work of artist Cal Lane.

Althea speaks about her technique:
The variable and compliant nature of hair allows me the freedom to work in a number of ways rooted in ornamentation. In the attempt to disguise the material, deception is a distinctive characteristic in manifestation of the artificial and ephemeral.

She also has a number of other interesting series and approaches. See more at her website.
And thanks to a comment from this lovely lady that led me to fine Althea's work.

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