Monday, March 30, 2009

get back to work...

I am attempting to get caught up from being out of town. On emails, the apartment, life in general. Realistically not much studio time will happen until tomorrow but I am itching to get busily to work... partially because I have a ton to get done but mostly because I am yearning for the time in the studio.
Recently I found a hook rug I began and never finished and am starting to feel compelled to finish it and play with the rug as medium again. They just take FOREVER. But check out all the gorgeous colors you can get in yarn. (above)

I am also getting excited for the Contemporary Sampler that I am making for an exhibition. This is the original Sampler that is my inspiration. Not a great picture but I can blow it up and see all the detail. Since this is such a simple Sampler I am mostly just being inspired by the alphabet and the history of Samplers. But I may need to do a little series because I have always wanted to do a Sampler inspired by ones like these:

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