Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fragile... and strong.

Dave Cole, Lead Bear.

Joanna Manousis, Lace, fused glass.

I have always loved when an artist uses unexpected materials to make something that seems familiar. Glass artist Joanna Manousis does exactly this. She takes patterns of delicate lace and turns its fragility to the brink by recreating the lace into a large scale lace, made entirely from glass.

The results is both breathtaking and ... I can't seem to find the right word. But the fragile, clear glass suspended above the floor is really powerful as a visual experience and as a metaphor.

She also has many other interesting works on her website.

Dave Cole Knitting with Loaded Shotguns (Safeties Off),
2008and Kevlar Snowsuit, 2008
spun statuary bronze with 12 gauge shotguns and Kevlar (used Gulf War bullet proof vest) cut, sewn, and hand knit

In a way looking at Joanna's work reminds me of artist Dave Cole- who does the exact opposite.
He uses extremely strong and heavy duty materials, such as iron and fiberglass, to knit large scale everyday objects. He often uses very non traditional versions of knitting needles because of both his materials and scale. For instance he knit an American flag with telephone poles!

See more of Dave's jaw dropping work at his very extensive website.

I am not sure how I came to couple these 2 very different artists today. But it happened and I think they make an interesting comparison.


dell said...

Hi Joetta, The top image really reminded me of Fiona Hall's knitted videotape works which I thought you may be interested in.
I love the knitting with telephone poles. Thanks!

Joetta said...

thanks so much- i love it!