Thursday, April 9, 2009

sunshine and space.

I am so excited that today is a lovely and wonderful sunny day. I have no idea if it is warm- that is one of the draw backs in living in a 4 story walk-up- but I do not really care because the sun just lightens my load.
I finally feel like I got a little relief from my busyness and am glad that today and tomorrow will allow me 2 long days in the studio- maybe to play a little catch up.

After a very frustrating(all my fault kind of frustration) and sad realization toward a major mistake on a piece I was doing I was forced to buy some new linens- and oh they are so gorgeous and if needed will work perfectly as a replacement towards my big giant oops.

This was coupled with another linen breakdown- one that had been all prepared to be worked on ripped- sometimes the fibers are dry rot and you do not even know at first. Which again was so frustrating as the transfer of a drawing to linen is very tedious and time consuming- so now I have to start over.

But I took a deep breathe, had a beer (or 2) with a fabulous friend, and am ready to take it all in, deal with it, and make it better.
Plus I finally got the embroidery started on my sampler piece- and I am really excited about how it is going.


angela simione said...

yay! i'll take my cue from you today and feel thankful that i've got so many projects to look after and attend to. i'm glad you've got sun and happiness in your house. can't wait to see the results!

Brittany Noel said...

Hooray for studio time! I'm sorry you had a catastrophe, but those new linens are gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed the sun :)