Tuesday, April 28, 2009

taking time...

I meant to post this photograph yesterday...But with my rush, rush too much to do attitude I forgot. Which is ironic since my photographs are all about stopping to slow down and notice the beauty of the everyday around us.

Sadly, I cannot really slow down this week because in preparation for the Summit of Awesome, both speaking, showing, and traveling, along with a lot of show deadlines this week, and my work needing to be done., and my very good friends thesis show this Thursday...I am truly busy.

But what I can do while I am rushing around and being busy is- Be present.
Be present is the chaos that is my life.
Br present in the love I have for C and family.
Be present in the strength and health of my body.
So as I prepare to rush of this morning, I am taking a deep breath and attempting to remember to Be present in this.

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