Friday, April 17, 2009


As the sun streams in, I am grateful that it is Friday.
I have been working away on my work and am feeling great about its progress.
My sampler for this show, is going along well. Though the amazing and beautiful stitch I chose to use for the words- is slow, slow, slow. but in the end will be worth it.

My "be brave" piece, which is a very special commissioned piece, is also moving along quite quickly. After a major woops on my part- and had to start over.
In the end I think the work is stronger for it, the linen more appropriate for the overall piece and the text more properly portioned. The only annoying thing is the linen is quite fragile because of its material and age. So I must be very careful with my embroidery hoop and the general amount of pressure I apply through the hoop. So that has slowed me down a little bit- but I am still quite far along and will be done soon.

So once I sort though my emails, apply to another show, and finish my coffee. I am off to a wonderful, long day, in my sun filled studio.

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