Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Banal Beauty.

I have always loved the ordinary object as subject. If it is banal, I think it is beautiful.
So I obviously swooned over the gorgeous paintings of Holly Farrell, when they started to make their way around the blog world.

I am still swooning, I so wish I could have one, right now, hanging above my couch. And I must say I am generally not one to be that excited by painting in general.

I find Holly's palette absolutely perfect, love her simple straightforward compositions, and find delight int he patterns of her objects. I am most in love with her "portraits" of chairs and couches.

Love, Love, Love.


josephine said...

i really like the simplicity of these paintings, and they way the floral patterns are contained.

Joetta said...

I know- they are just lovely aren't they?

angela simione said...

oh man (sigh and swoon and sigh some more). i LOVE the doctor's bag painting at her website. gorgeous work. stunning work. and i am swept away by her technical prowess.

lovely textiles said...

I haven't been around for such a long time so this is the first post I came across! Thanks Joetta - I agree with everything you said, her work is beautiful. I struggle with a lot of photo-realistic painting, but this has a great palette and is wonderfully quiet and pensive.

Joetta said...

yes, I love the quiet thoughtfulness in the work- it is what draws me in too.