Thursday, April 16, 2009

happy needed... (NAUGHTY WORD WARNING)

I needed to find some happy this morning and was delighted to find happy betsy.
Besty made me oh so happy. Artist Betsy Schairer creates wonderful and sometimes wonderfully smart-elic embroidery pieces out of vintage linens and fibers.

My definite favorite is the fabulous "F" word pillow. We all know how I love the "F" word in my own work. So my smile spread quite wide to find this fabulous granny square pillow. If I was not already inundated with pillows, and broke, I would buy this one and show it off with pride.
It also reminds me of Tracey Emin's fabulous quilts.

I really enjoy Betsy's style of drawing and embroidering, a little bit psychedelic almost. To me she has quite a unique hand in her technique.

I will definitely keep my eye on her charmingly and playful work. Especially when I need a little happy.


Betsy said...

This is the nicest blog ever. I am so flattered. You totally made my MONTH. XOXOXO!

Joetta said...

betsy-so glad you found it and enjoy it. Your work and sweet words are much appreciated:)