Tuesday, April 21, 2009

clean teeth?

I am going to the dentist today for a teeth cleaning. Luckily my teeth do not look like the teeth above- But if they did- why not get them painted by the teeth painter, Ron Grant?
I use to never mind going to the dentist, they would compliment my teeth, clean me, and wallah.
Now that I am getting older- I hate it because even though, I brush and floss and gargle twice a day and do not chew gum- somehow I still get yelled at- and then I tell them all the good things that I do and all they can say is "floss harder," or "do you know how to floss correctly?," or "must be genetics." So now I hate it...
Anyhoo, I will have a sparkly smile for the day.

Otherwise I have to drop a piece off in Chelsea so I think I will take advantage and wander around for awhile- looking for some inspiration.


angela simione said...

hygenists are the worst! no matter how good i felt going in, they make sure i leave feeling filty, repulsive, and ashamed of myself... and sorry for THEM! i'm sending out a little prayer that they take it a bit easier on you this time around and that they at least HIDE their snears today.

Joetta said...

It's nice to know I am not the only one...sheh was ok. No mean comments but pretty much no comments at all.
I miss my childhood dentist who would say "oh what a beautiful smile!"

Sal Casley said...

It must be difficult to hear that. It doesn't help to be said those things if you're trying your best to be faithful to your habits. Just do what you know is right, and if they still tell you off, just lift your chin up and give 'em the best smile you can give. =D

Joetta M. said...

"just lift your chin up and give 'em the best smile you can give"

Good advice in so many things:)