Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I finally got around to taking a picture of the work that was hung at the yoga studio that I teach at.
When L asked me to hang a piece I was delighted and struggled to pick the right one- then it took some re-hanging to find the right place in the studio.
But it looks right at home at the altar and fits in perfect with the space.

It is especially fitting with the studio's name Prema meaning Divine Love.

I rarely get to see my work in homes and spaces outside of the gallery and my studio- so it is very nice to see the work interact with a breathing living space outside of the art world.
I wish collectors emailed you picture of the work once hung. It is such a different experience seeing work in homes.

You can see it in person if you stop by for class.

What do you think of Love...


lovely textiles said...

this is really lovely. the circles, the colour, it fits perfectly there.
What do I think of love..? I think it's the root of all good and when misused or not used, it's the root of all bad... so best to use it positively xx

lovely textiles said...

Oh bum. Did I mis-read your comment about Love..., you meant the piece? I'm a wally! Erm, I love, 'Love...'!

Joetta said...

actually, i love that you told me what you think about love better anyway!
And what an interesting and complex thought you have. I am actually planning a piece where I ask people what they think about home and I cannot wait to hear all the different perspectives.