Monday, April 27, 2009

kindred spirit...

The kindred spirit of an artist Eloise de Hauteclocque reached out this weekend after seeing my work on Etsy, ironically my very fabulous friend LB had just forwarded me her website a few days earlier. So needless to say there is a thread that connects us.
Eloise embroiders text and language about relationship, love, and intimacy on vintage clothing. Her conceptual intention is strikingly similar to mine which touched us both very deeply.

She states:

The exhibition Ensemble ("together" in English) speaks of togetherness from an intimate point of view, with ourselves as well as with another, to the global. I use second hand clothing to communicate our humanity and for its historical interest - the fact that it already contains energy from the previous wearer before it meets mine. I have embroidered text onto the clothing, as a way of perhaps making the abstract (thoughts, fantasies, dreams) more concrete and tangible. Like marking the skin with a tattoo, these texts adorn the clothing (our second skins) with our private thoughts, desires, wishes and bring them into the public realm.

I really appreciate her level of collaboration, something I myself have played with and often would like to push more in my work.

I am so moved by our similar sensibilities and have such an affinity toward the loveliness in her work I want to post every single image, fly to Berlin see the work, and then meet her for a cup of tea. How that would be nice.

She also takes very lovely photographs, another thread of connection.

I look forward to knowing her through the threads of the Internet and perhaps someday will have the opportunity to meet her in person.
Her blog and website.


eloise in berlin said...

Oh isn't this fun to meet like this Joetta - I have a feeling this thread of ours will bring us together one day! I'd so love to collaborate with you too!!!!! Let's do it.

love love xxx Eloise

onesilentwinter said...

oh my goodness!

Joetta said...

my goodness indeed:)