Wednesday, April 15, 2009

kickin' back

What ever happened to just putting your feet up, kicking back and relaxing?
I am beginning to feel a little exhausted.

With all my new yoga classes- and teaching 2 in the evening, one on the weekend, and taking another special one another night...I begin to struggle at taking the proper amount of time to just be.

So I think today I need to take it a little easy. Wednesday's are always busy paperwork and computer days- and then I work hard to get done in time to get a few hours in at the studio.

But today I am going to let myself go slow and whatever I get done is good enough.
After all we have to take care of ourselves...

So we can throw our head back...

and laugh with life.

taking a nap never hurts either.

all images from the always fabulous Square America.

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