Friday, April 3, 2009

lady of bird and doe.

So my grad school has the most amazing program called NYPOP- started by the most generous artist and teacher that I have ever met, Jerry Kearns. He sets an example as an artist and mentor that I very much try to follow.
This program brings a small group of students from western mass. to NYC 4 times a semester to have an intimate one on one with artists, curators, and gallerists.
This experience is priceless in that you really get to see and hear how artists have and are finding their way - and it prepares you to come to NY if it is something that you want. What I really liked hearing is how different each artists path was and the yet the similarities of them all having the same essential tools- their contacts, friends, commitment, and space to work.

But every once in awhile Jerry would be able to have a really big artist speak and today the fabulous Kiki Smith is speaking to his class and as an alumni I am always welcome to come.
So I am going. I have long enjoyed Kiki's work and after the perfectly curated retrospective at the Whitney I just loved her all the more.
I was especially lucky to see her work very up close and personal when I worked at the gallery PaceWildenstein- which represents her.

So I am super excited to meet her and hope she will give me some gems to pass along to you.


Liz said...

this is amazing! i am so jealous! have fun and please tell jerry i said hi. i miss nypop...

angela simione said...

i live on the wrong damn coast! i am infested with jealousy!

Sister in Second-hand Sequins..... said...

oh my goodness, this is sooo exciting. Yes, please share.

Joetta said...

it was indeed fabulous. She of course is totally wacky but completely gorgeous and had so many gems of wisdom as an artist talking to artists. It was just what I needed:)