Friday, April 10, 2009

off to the studio, I go, I go.

I had a very productive day in the studio yesterday, finally!
I need to get my camera out and take some pictures. I promise next week.

But my sampler has gotten off to an awesome start. I am loving how it is turning out. However with the very small traditional stitch I am using- it is taking much longer than expected. But will be worth it in the end. So I am back to grad school schedule. Embroidering at home, on the subway, during coffee with friends, etc, etc.

Even better news- the catastrophe with my commission has turned out for the better. My client is actually going to end up, in my humble opinion, with a much stronger and more beautiful piece as a result of my complete flakiness. So it is a win, win for her. Now I am just so excited to have the final piece in my portfolio.
Pictures soon, I promise.

Have a very lovely Friday and weekend.


Brittany Noel said...

I hope you enjoyed your time in the studio! And I'm glad that tragic thing with your commission turned out for the best! Have a wonderful weekend!

Joetta said...

my long studio day was quite lovely indeed.