Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"adventures in the wilderness"

The quilt of Bonnie Peterson at the Textile Study group exhibit in NYC was a stand out piece in the show. Though her work is not aesthetically what I normally would be drawn to her technique and attention to detail cannot be ignored.

Her work which over the years has changed in concept is always incredibly dense with careful thought, thousands of stitches, and an obvious love for her medium.

In her statement she says:

My art chronicles my adventures in the wilderness and through life. I use embroidery to communicate provocative environmental and social issues. I present quantitative information in an unusual combination of stitched text and graphics. The work provides a novel opportunity to consider the scientific and historic context inherent in current events and social questions...

I am often astonished when I find a passage in an explorer's journal that describes scenery I have visited or a rugged mountain trail I've walked. I share that sense of discovery and uncovering in my work. With soft materials and ornate stitching, I expose the viewer to fascinating science and environmental interactions on our earth.

See more of her wonderful work here.

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