Monday, February 13, 2012

don't forget to water the plants.

I finished another plant piece. After the first one got complete I decided to focus on "little moments" of the house plant. Areas that were hanging outside of the pot and maybe even a little dry and neglected feeling. I am loving this project as it works a lot like my love letters series in that it is a nice side project to work on when I am feeling burnt out or want to throw a piece in my bag to take with me.

And to be honest the "burnt out" part has been a frequent feeling. I am making good progress on the "walls crumbling in" exhibit but also feel that there is a major piece missing and cannot seem to come up with what it is. AND...I am not making progress on my sleepers series and worry about if I will be able to get as many of those done as I want for my show in the fall. But I keep trucking along and am about to go pick up my needle right now.

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