Wednesday, February 15, 2012

under my toes..

I saw a rug made by designer Jan Kath while perusing the Victoria Albert museum website, now I cannot find the link. But either way I was totally moved by his series of rugs titled" erased" rugs.

These are not so much "works of art" but actual rugs to be used in ones home. I cannot help but think of them as a reversal of Elaine Reicheck's work. But also an incredible homage to history and all the steps that will come...

One of my favorite objects in my home is a VERY ragged old rug, I think Iranian. I love how worn it is, how many feet have tread on it, how much character it brings into my home. These rugs, to me, are like my old rug- a symbol of history and the past but speaking to the future. I really, really love them.

In a press release about this series:

...The strictly ordered ornamental elements of traditional carpets are broken up. In some places, the patterns, which were originally repeated per­fec­­­­­tly, seem to have been obliterated, soaked with acid and corroded...Jan Kath is the poet of the past....The aesthetics of mortality and decay represent a driving force.... Derelict mines, weathered old storehouses, and the reclamation of space by nature are of particular interest to him, as is the tension between old and new. The photo shoot for the current carpet catalog was set in industrial sites; the destroyed ornamental elements of the carpet are the link between the raw look of the buildings and the refined materials. “Perfection and smoothness are boring for our eyes”

If only I was loaded and could buy one, until that day comes I can drool here. Kath's company makes a number of very beautiful contemporary rugs see them here.

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