Wednesday, February 1, 2012

studio time, oh yeah.

Ahhh, a morning on my own. T is with another kiddo and I have more then 4 wonderful hours to be in the studio. Annoyingly a little bit of that time needs to be spent on the computer but hopefully not too much. I am REALLY hoping to start to do some adjunct teaching in our new New England life and have been busy researching, applying, proposing classes, etc.... So much work and who even know if anything will come of it. But fingers crossed it will. I would love to get my mind working with college kids again I miss it. So if anyone has some leads please share.

Otherwise hoping to make a big chunk of progress on my current embroidery, which is moving along nicely. Because I have so many more to do. Ack.

stitch, stitch, knot, thread, stitch.

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