Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thread Reviews- Crossing Lines

I have been meaning to get to Textile Study Group of NY's exhibit Crossing Lines: The Many Faces of Fiber since it opened in early December but due to its out of the way locale I had not made it until last weekend. The exhibit is located in the galleries of the World Financial Center which is way on the west side of the Financial District but it is a nice space and the Financial Center grounds are gorgeous and the view of the river beautiful so you can make a nice morning or afternoon of the trip.
Michele Brody- Tea Mountain Quilt
The galleries are a little strange as they are on the balcony level of the atrium of a food court like plaza. But this actually allows them to have a nice spacious feel and gives them plenty of natural light. You then enter one large traditional gallery space.
Erin Endicott- Detail of Healing Sutra #7
I felt the show was a nice show worth seeing. It was very nicely installed and I felt the works that were hanging near each other had a nice conversation and relationship which is something I always look for in an exhibit.
Elaine Longtemps
The work is quite diverse from traditional fiber techniques to totally innovative and barely "fiber" interpretations, from wall works to sculpture to vessels and jewelry.
I especially like the work A Korean Woman in Modern Times #1 by Wonju Seo. Her hanbok, a traditional Korean clothing, inspired wall piece was beautifully made, had an incredible sense of color, and spoke to both tradition and change simultaneously.
I was happy to finally see a piece of Ruth Tabancay in person. I have known of her works for quite awhile now and have exhibited with her in Fiber Art Intn'l so too see the work in person was a treat. Her tea bag quilt did not disappoint. There is something so simple and refreshing about the work and the presentation that I like.
By far the most exciting piece for me was the large scale work of Hyunju Kim. A large sewn tapestry of work cloths with an embroidered portrait on the front. The work was totally gorgeous, commanded the room, and had an incredible subtly to it and introduced me to an artist that I do not know of at all. I look forward to researching her work more.
Katherine Knauer- Detail of Conventional Forces
I will not say the show blew my socks off as besides Kim's work there were no surprises and though it did represent a nice reflection of contemporary fiber works it still felt conservative. But it is an excellent overview of what TSGNY members are working on shows an excellent array of skill and creative interpretation of fibers. To me absolutely worth seeing and spending some time looking through. Then you can take a walk along the river. It is only up until February 19.
Saaraliisa Yitalo
Also just in case you are feeling inspired to exhibit check out my most recent call for work small stories, for an exhibit is Brooklyn.
Until next time keep your needle threaded.


Lindsay Obermeyer said...

As always, your blog inspires. I am passing along the award of Versatile Blogger to you. See my blog for details. - Lindsay

Joetta M. said...

thank you!!! and it was nice to be reminded of your wonderful work:)

Wj Seo said...

Hello, My name is Wonju Seo, who also participated the wonderful group exhibition, "Crossing Lines". Thank you so much for the nice words about my work, "A Korean Woman in Modern Times #1." I found this wonderful review and want to add it on my web-site and my blog, but I can’t do it now because there is a problem with incorrect terminology. I have created traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok, which represents Korean women, using bojagi (Korean patchwork) technique. It is not a Kimono. Please correct the terminology. Also, please correct my name as Wonju Seo. Thank you.

Joetta M. said...


all fixed:)