Thursday, February 9, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday I have been working on a lot of applications lately. Such a not fun side of being an artist. This is the time of year to apply for solo shows for 2013 and 2014 so I am in that entire process though I need to be thinking about getting work done for my solo shows this year!
Then I am always looking for good grants to apply for, that was the behemoth yesterday. These are the most frustrating as they are so competitive so the chance of getting them is minimal but SO worth it if you do. Then I am working away on applications for adjunct teaching here in the Boston world. I really hope to get a class or 2 to teach in the fall it would be SO awesome to be back into the world of academic teaching on a regular basis so my fingers are crossed. I am hoping for drawing classes or visual culture/theory classes but am open. So hopefully all this pain in the butt work will pay off in a few months.

But even still I am making progress on my work slowly. Above is a new plant drawing I started and above is the finished clover one. I am really happy with it and in general like the simplicity of the series and within the show that I envision it I think it will work well. What do you think?


molly said...

good for you. i always want to make the time for applications, grants, all of it, but find myself getting bogged down with the practical side of my art life and doing that instead. but, 2012... a whole new world!

Joetta M. said...

well, we will see if it is ever turns out to be time well spent but hopefully at some point it will be. fingers crossed, again.