Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hooks and trees

When I first came to the work of Liz Alpert Fay it was via her incredibly gorgeous hook rugs.  It seems that since that first exposure, which was over 5 years ago, that she has started to take her work into a more sculptural and conceptual path and it is working.

 Long influenced by nature Fay continues to make uber sumptuous hook rugs but inspired by an expansion onto her home and the need to cut down some beloved trees she started her  Tree skirt series, inspired by the individuality of each found piece of wood.

Fay says this about the project:

In the summer of 2006, the building began. The back of our house was torn off and new rooms were built. In order to complete this project, it was necessary that some of the trees in our yard be cut down. It was then that I realized how we felt about those trees. They had grown precious to us, and losing them was like losing an old friend. After the deed was done, we made a conscious decision to not waste the wood that came from these trees. We chose to incorporate it into our lives...

This ongoing series of sculptures celebrates the beauty of the natural world and expresses my concerns for our dwindling natural resources, especially the trees.

Is seems that this project opened doors for Fay as an artist and she has continued to explore more sculptural works. One of which is Collector of Words, I Dream in Color a personal piece about words, dreams, and desires.

Fay's work has always been a testament to incredible skill and vision but her newer work adds an exciting dimension to her oeuvre as an artist. See more work here.

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