Friday, February 10, 2012

This is my last review on my recent visit to Chelsea and will include 3 different shows.
The first being a group exhibit, End of Days, at Mixed Greens. As always they give you an excellently curated exhibit with fresh artists and interesting work. I made a point of going in order to see fellow stitchers Sophia Narret's work and her work was a perfect fit for the gallery and show.
The highlight of the show was an installation by

Christophe Laudamiel's, Phantosmia. Laudamiel is a renowned perfumer and with this exhibit he created smells that you experienced by walking into small 4 walled tents set up in the gallery space. Each scent was paired with a description of the place and emotion is was meant to emote and the technical history and background of the scent. It was in incredibly fun and unexpected exhibit. Here are some reviews if the show with more detail here and here.

So that is the end of my Chelsea visit. What exciting shows have you seen lately?

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