Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the animal world of dreams.

Another great reason to enjoy my time while in NY was a meeting of our collective. This time around we looked at the INCREDIBLE needle felting of Zoe Williams.

In the meeting I was reminded how there is simply no better way to learn about an artist's work then from their very own mouth. I learned so much behind the work and Zoe's motivations.

But even better in a critique setting you not only just look and appreciated- you analyze and learn what the artist themselves are unsure about. So even though I love Zoe's work I also got to be part of a discussion about how it could become better and grow as art.

I first came to Zoe's work via her bunny work, this older work dealt a lot with mutated bunnies and overt fantasy, nightmare, otherworld references.

Her recent work is more subtle, though still manipulated by fantasy and the dream world, often she is combining multiple animals into one but it is so realistic the viewer barely if at all notices. Perhaps we just notice a strangeness or off-ness.

I find the detail and the sheer awesomeness of the work itself inspiring. The works are both totally and utterly beautiful and strange. We talked a lot about her presentation methods which led to a great conversation.

You can see her work in person in NYC at a show that opens tomorrow night: Hey, Beautiful! at Amos Eno Gallery in Brooklyn. Guest curated by Richard Rinehart. And see more of her work here and an earlier review I wrote about her rabbits.

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