Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Another plant image in process in my studio.

Lately, I have felt tethered to my computer dealing with so many things. Which in many ways means good things as that means projects and opportunities to "deal" with but sometime I just miss getting lost in my studio and forgetting about my computer, my emails, my writing, etc. Somehow this is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

But it also shows me that my role and identity is shifting from being an artist to being many things. In speaking to the director of Mixed Greens gallery in Chelsea for an article I am working on she said... "artists are becoming curators, curators are critics, and critics are artists." She was pointing out how this has changed the art world and how people, especially artists, are navigating it. As she was talking I thought, woah, I am all of those things. I am no longer just an artist looking to exhibit my work but I am just as excited about exhibiting other artists and writing about what I am seeing, in reality I don't want to be only in m studio. It is exciting but at times overwhelming so many hats to wear, so many projects to keep organized, so many expectations to meet. Not to mention the mama hat.

So I have been thinking about ways to cope with the many roles and all the work that goes along with them. And of course the ever present fact that we all must make a living and I know my husband would love it if my living made a little more. Perhaps this is the moment when the creativity of an artist is most valuable is in figuring out how to be and live the life meant for you.

What do you do to keep it all flowing


Julia Kelly said...

for me it is more of a matter of realizing that i am tangled up in all the things i do and i always have to come back to my stitching!

Joetta M. said...

so beautifully said. That is life getting tangled up in things and realizing we do not need to be:)