Friday, February 24, 2012

if you like them flowers...

one of my favorites in the room by Maria Oosterwijck

Since I mentioned my flowers I thought I should share some incredible flower images that I have been being inspired by lately. Growing up I spent a fair amount of time at the Cincinnati Art Museum and once I had my license went there ALL THE TIME. One of my favorite spots was this little gem of a room with their Dutch Still Life collection. It was a small circular room with a domed roof, very dark except for the traditional feature lights, the walls a dark turquoise green. Hung on the walls were maybe 6 or 8 dutch still life's. I was drawn to their stillness, their small details of decay within the beauty and life, the dramatic lighting, and specialness of the room.

To this day I am continuously drawn to the still life and so the photographs of florist and stylist Sarah Ryhanan documented on her blog Saipua are totally inspiring and uber gorgeous. Enjoy the visit.


Christine M. said...

You're from Cincy? I'm from Cincy. I also love that room.

Joetta M. said...

indeed, born and raised. Then went to OSU before I headed out east. Love that midwest background. Actually I will probably visit cincy in the late spring and now am itching to revisit the museum of my childhood.