Friday, February 17, 2012

"embroidered curiosities"

If you do not know the Textile Arts Center has a new exhibit of embroidered works by Clay Mclaurin installed. Clay's background is in textile design and his work has a pattern like energy. He works by stitching onto paper.

In the press release for the show he says:

"Every item found has an uncertain beginning, but from each uncertain beginning there is a path – one that leads me in search of discovery. I am drawn to the mystery of origin, especially in objects from the natural world...With my embroidered drawings, I am on a journey, seeking the uncertain origin of the object, and the certain design of what it becomes. Creating these images helps me to discover the cyclical relationship between the human and the natural world – the way it shapes us, and how we shape it."

I with there were images of the installation online and I wish his website had detail shots so I could get a better sense of the works quality.

But luckily the show is up for awhile so you have plenty of time to go see it in person.

TAC also has a new windows program at their Manhattan location were they invite artists and designers to take over their storefront windows. So if you are nearby stroll by to see what is hanging.

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