Friday, February 24, 2012

woven glass.

These woven works by artists Eric Markow & Thom Norris are pretty darn impressive when you realize they are woven out of glass.

This duo of artists do quite a lot of commercial work such as small table sculptures and inlays within your home-- but their larger art creations are the most interesting to me.

Their sense of color is excellent and the influence of the southwest is evident in their choices.

I especially love the pieces that feel like a scrap of weaving with the raw edges of "fabric" exposed- these are by far the most interesting and I would love to see one super LARGE scale. Wouldn't it be such a lovely piece of public art?

Their life-size kimonos are pretty incredible too. Knowing a limited amount about glass work, from some classes that I took in undergrad, their technique and skill is quite impressive.

I am always attracted to works like this that are using fiber practices and techniques with a very contrasting material. Making the hard soft, the pliable rigid, and the strong fragile. Love that contrast. See more of their work, which includes more narrative works, here.

I generally have always thought of weaving as a sort of an "off limits" medium to me as the skill set was daunting and the "structured" way of working was not appealing. Recently in a conversation I was having we were talking about weaving and I was reminded of the simple raw hand weaving I did as a child and now have started to think of it as a much more accesible tool for me. Something to explore---

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