Tuesday, March 16, 2010

white rabbits.

I have seen Zoe Williams work somewhere before and it is wacky, a little scary, and totally awesome. Zoe submitted her images to me awhile back and with this spring-like weather why not feature her bizarre rabbits in celebration of the wonderful coming of spring.

Zoe creates beautifully sculpted needle felted sculptures, that often exist as wall mounted pieces.

Her most favorite subject seems to be the strange and creepy albino rabbit.

Her website states:
The subjects of her work are symbolic and frequently personal. Inspiration for her Rabbits cycle came in a dream; other pieces explore inspiration itself, locked up inside or pouring out in candy-colored glory. The pairing of opposites is also ubiquitous; subjects are simultaneously beautiful and horrible, cute and creepy. The process by which the work is created is itself juxtaposition: sharp steel violently stabbing the soft, white wool.

I cannot help but think about animal testing and cruelty with the strange contortions and overly emaciated figures of her "Rabbits."

See more of her work here.
And I have to say it is super weird because the rabbits faces look so much like my cat Blue's face structure.


Zoe Williams said...

Thanks for the writeup!

Joetta M. said...

my absolute pleasure:)