Monday, March 2, 2009

opened, moved, and snowed in

The opening this Friday went great.
I was very happy with the way I decided to install my work.

I tried something a little different, taking the thread off and out of the work onto the wall...and I really got excited by the results.
This one was done with no planning or intention so if I actually think about a piece and installation that works this way...I think it could be a great step.

I was glad I got to show this one- it already sold so it was nice to be able to share it with the public and my friends before it gets shipped.

A friend of mine said it seemed like a break through...and I have to say I agree.
I remember the first times that I did an image based embroidery... and when I used a hoop as a frame... I felt joy, relief, excitement-
all because I knew these decisions had changed me and moved me forward as an artist....
and the strings on the wall felt that way. I am so excited to explore the next step it will take me in.
What do you think?

The move to the studio went great. It was smooth and fast and C was so awesome.
I cannot wait to start getting settled and share some images of my new art home with all of you.

BTW- It snowed like crazy last is so gorgeous and white and lovely.


Brittany Noel said...

Your show looks great! I think the strings on the wall are a huge step, in the best direction! Can't wait to see the new space :)

nadia said...

oh joetta what a beautiful installation, love the second photo..looks wonderful!

Joetta said...

thank you so much for your sweet words:)

Camilla said...

I love the threads linking the pieces together- and also the way you have pieces hung across corners.

Joetta said...

i love hanging across corners...they are such special little spots.