Friday, January 21, 2011

annoyance turns good.

a peek at the new piece, it is always so hear to photo it when it is just the drawing.

One good thing about being really annoyed with your husband in the morning is you feel like staying at the studio late and get a lot of work done. So the day in the studio was good.

I made good progress on one of my pieces and got a few applications out. Thankfully.
But still have the 2 big ones to send. I am hoping to get 8 months, the image of me pregnant sleeping done on Monday or Tuesday so I can include it in the packets. We will see if it can happen. Fingers crossed.

Today I have a meeting about being part of a one night show, it is a very unique type of venue but has a lot of potential for fun. So I am looking forward to checking out the space and picking my spot.

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