Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not fiber.

The work of Jonggeon Lee is not fiber but often references it and is oh so beautiful either way.

He often works on wood and other materials with engraving techniques that reference the patterns often found on textiles. Oh so lovely.

And his series that questions structure and space is really gorgeous, with its simplicity of the raw wood and simple lines.

His work deals with space in a way that makes space and place much less tangible and reliable reflecting on his feelings of displacement as a Korean American.

He states this about his work:
No possessed space is a solid space,
but merely an empty space that is constantly changing.

In my work, I explore both domestic and public architectural structures, such as staircases or historic monuments that have been displaced from their original contexts. Having lived both in Korea and the United States, my sense of belonging to either one of these cultures has been continuously disrupted. As a result, I have come to view historic architectural structures through the lens of cultural dislocation; I realize now, that when these architectural structures are displaced, the cultures that they represent are also dislodged from their origins.
In my each of the pieces, time becomes fixed and isolated from its conventional cycle, creating memories of space.

See more work here.


netamir said...

His work is beautiful and very interesting, now I am curious to see more.

Joetta M. said...

very cool stuff huh? He is currently a resident at the Fine Arts Work Center so it will be interesting to see how his works grows while there.