Monday, January 31, 2011


As I walked to teach my 7am yoga class today I was moved by how quiet the city was. The hour being one of quiet, the snow muffling the little sounds that were around, and the cold keeping people in a little longer. And this is why winter is really worth it.

The above work is about another form of "quiet stillness" but perfectly appropriate with its words and white stitches. It also is in line with some new thoughts I am having about the direction of my work.

I am working diligently on the "Sleepers" series but conceptually the project is worked out. It will take at least a year maybe longer to finish the number of pieces that I want in the final series, for a solo show, but now it is about the making, the experimentation with technique, and capturing the right images to work from. But the thought has been worked out, the statement practically written. Which is strange for me as I generally do not go into a project with so much clarity.
But as a result I am already thinking about what is next, conceptually, with my work. And due to an unexpected opportunity I will be forced to explore this a little sooner then I thought but it has gotten my wheels turning and it connects to this "quiet stillness." Soon I will start to share my thoughts but for now they are still in my head.


Brittany at Home Ground said...

It's not usually my way of working to have everything worked out conceptually from the beginning, either. I can't wait to see what new directions you're moving toward. The quiet and muffling of noise are my favorite parts of winter. A period of reflection.

Joetta M. said...

it is strange having the concept all worked out but in ways it is fun as the process and technique is evolving in a wonderful way and I feel more free to experiment there since I understand the work already.