Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dripping with gorgeous.

The jewelry work of artist Dixie Darling is dripping with gorgeousness. She combines traditional jewelry techniques and materials with fibers, sewing, and the unexpected to make some super cool and unique wearable works of art.

As a lover of all things bauble I love her whimsy and the combination of dark and light colors. There is something a little dangerous feeling about all her sweet flowers and cascades of pearls.

She says this about process:
A few of the many things that fascinate me about creation are, why people are drawn to certain materials, tools used, and the process in which they choose to create their work.

I am fascinated about how she is drawn to materials for sure, I LOVE how in her rings she combines felt and freshwater pearls.

Dixie describes her unique works here:
My current body of work combines my interest in plant life, jewelry, and sculpture... I find it intriguing to use materials that have little monetary or social value in order to create something beautiful. It is important that each piece work as well off the body as a sculptural work as well as on. I want the viewer to be able to adorn themselves with each piece and form a personal bond with my work. I believe that art that can be worn by the viewer creates more of an intimate bond between artist and wearer.

See more of her gorgeousness over here.

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