Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Now that it is the new year I am officially promoting the next curatorial endeavor that I have. I am curating my 2nd exhibit at the Textile Arts Center here in Brooklyn. The exhibit will be their Spring show and appropriately themed around the idea of play. The idea was inspired by the work of a friend Katya Usvitsky, who created a life size knitted yellow bicycle and it made me think how fun it would be to have a show celebrating all things playful. Of course that does not mean all happiness and sunshine, after all play has a dark side too.

The call for work states:
Play- fun or jest...
a game? a toy? a bully? a tease? a hair pull? a game of tag? a snowball fight? a kick, a pinch? Play is an experience we all know one that can bring us laughter and perhaps at times bring us tears. In the 2011 spring exhibit, Play, at the Textile Arts Center we want to explore play and all of its multi-faceted sides and experiences. We ask artists who work in fibers or fiber techniques to submit works that deal with the idea of play. Feel free to interpret this theme widely. All types of work are welcome for submission from performance, video, wall work, sculpture, conceptual work, to interactive. Please note we are looking for contemporary interpretations of fiber and textiles.

So if you or someone you know makes work that would be appropriate for the show please submit and please, please forward the call to anyone that might be interested, listservs, classmates, colleagues, the more submissions the better the show.

Get all the submission details here.

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