Friday, January 14, 2011


So I had mentioned the piece that I need to make for an exhibit that I am in and finally am getting around to thinking and therefore talking about it. I am extremely excited to be one of the artists in the exhibit Self-fabricated at the Duxbury Museum in 2012. The exhibit features 7 artists, many of who work with fabric or the domestic experience. This exhibit has been a long time planning by the hardworking and wonderful curators.

One of the aspects of the exhibit is that each artist is making a piece in response to a work from the historical collection of the museum. Initially I was very excited as I have done this before for an exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum and enjoyed it immensely. But then... I got the images. I have to tell you I was not inspired. The work selected was a historical kimono, which normally would be a good thing, but this particular work was so bright in color and so full of details that I was lost.

But knowing that generally in Chinese embroidery there is a lot of symbolism I had hope and have now found out that the robe has a ton of symbolism with motifs that represent happiness, purity, perseverance, longevity, and abundance.

So finally I have my plan which I will reveal a bit later but one aspect of my response is that since I was totally overwhelmed by the brightness and color of the piece, I am taking that away in my work and doing a white on white response. I am actually starting to feel pretty excited about that.

But need to get started as I am on a pretty tight deadline as the work needs to be finished in time to be included in the catalogue. Agh. MUST START THIS WEEKEND.


Emil und die gro├čen Schwestern said...

Oh, bbeautiful and very inspiring!

Joetta M. said...

took me awhile but i am now very inspired.
and definitely beautiful!