Monday, January 3, 2011

reading rainbow.

I am so loving this piece by Dutch photographer/artist Anouk Krouithouf. The work combines some of my favorite things, collections, piles, books, and the color scale all together to make a compelling installation, image, and video.

The video, stills above, can be seen on Anouk's website.

The detail shots are just as lovely as the overall image.

I love how piles and collections can reference the domestic space and even at times the quality of fibers so effortlessly. Not so sure what the work is about other then gorgeousness, I keep thinking about it and am just not sure... but Anouk has some compelling and interesting work in general, though a wonky website.

The piece very much reminds me of the AMAZING work by installation artist Derick Melenader, above, get reminded of his work over here.


adrienne said...

yum! this work is so pleasing, thank you for sharing.

ms krouithouf's work also reminds me of mike stilkey.

Joetta M. said...
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Joetta M. said...

glad you liked it, such great stuff!

Mike's work though very different is cool, love his style of illustration!