Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the right fabric.

Here is a little bit of me playing with 3 dimensionality in the studio. I am very excited about this piece in general but...feel like I need to find a different fabric to be the large draping sheet. Maybe a trip to the thrift store is necessary or maybe I just need to do something unexpected like lace or something. Just not sure. But the draping and bedding of the image is SO important to the work I don't want to make the wrong call.

Heading to the studio today, I kind of just need to focus on computer work but can never seem to get motivated towards that. Ergh. I really wish I could just have a babysitter one day, go to the coffee shop and bust out all these applications. But ya know babysitters aren't free.

So I will probably just focus on stitching and maybe try to figure out a weekend day this week that I can leave the babe with C and get the "paperwork" side of being an artist done and out of the way for awhile.


Leigh Jennings said...

lace might bring an interesting new dimension to your work, but would depend on the intended meaning. defo needs to be a lighter fabric though (i've learnt the hard way with heavy cotton fabrics pulling out my hard earned stitching when the piece was hung up!) x

Liz Noonan said...

how about an after school "mothers helper"? there are some programs who train teens to be bbsitters, if that makes you feel more comfortable? much cheaper - or even a college student?

Joetta M. said...

I have actually used cottons and am even sewing on a bedcloth. I like the way it hangs when I am prepared for it- I pin it hanging and then sew it, piece bu piece.

But I have thought of using lace a few times I just love its femininity and its romance but am also unsure as it is SO feminine. But maybe it is time to take a risk? We will see.

Good advice maybe I will look into that. I wish I knew a kid that could do it. I also think I just need to suck it up and occasionally accept it is better for both me and t to get a babysitter when I really need it.