Monday, January 24, 2011

work, work, work.

The applique that is happening in my studio above. I am happy with how once I have appliqued the "sheets" down it pretty successfully looks like the hand is laying on top instead of sinking in.

I had a meeting Friday for exhibiting my work in a one night art event that seems like it will be interesting. It is a woman that has every other month shows in her home in the parlors of her beautiful old brownstone. Artists are asked to install their work in a way that really honors the architecture and reality of the space being a home. So I am planning on installing the new piece that I am working on, which is on an amazing old curtain, in the window. I am very excited to see how it looks with the light moving through it once it is done and the fact that by being lit from both sides you will be able to see the back while seeing the front.

I am also installing this work on a couch so the figure will appear to be laying on the couch. I look forward to getting photographs of the install and in general the evening. It is a private opening with each of the 5 artists inviting 10 people for more of like a dinner party gala sort of thing. I think it will be an interesting way to meet new people, new collectors, and share my art with a new audience.

Now I just have to get the curtain piece finished, or even started.


Monica said...

I'm sure it'll be stunning. I wish I lived closer!

Mama Wolf said...

Wow, so far it looks amazing!

I can't wait until its finished..


Joetta M. said...

thank you SO much.

Encouragement was needed today:)