Wednesday, January 19, 2011

layers of white and meaning.

Being moved by the work of Iranian American artist, Golnar Adili.

The simplicity of the palette, the obvious and impressive understanding of structure and designs, the spare choices, and the moving meaning.

This work is has includes a diagram of the words weight of sadness built by more densely layering the words with gray strips. I love seeing it installed above the bed.

Golnar says this about the above project:

I investigated the inside of the airplane as a sensuous site which is surrounded by the crisis of the naked sky.

and this in general about the personal journey as an artist: recent works have become progressively autobiographical. As an Iranian American growing up in the post 1979 Iran, I have experienced separation and longing in its different manifestations. Through my art, I am compelled to formally investigate, express, and decode the ways in which these events have marked me.

Golnar's drawings have the textural quality of fibers and pattern making which makes them just as appealing as the sculptures.

See more here.


Golnar Adili said...

Dear Joetta,
I just found your blog about my work and it made me so happy that you connected to it so deeply. Then I checked out your work and love it so much. I loved your statement also and see many common threads in our thinking. I'm in Tehran right now and will be here until the end of September. Then in New York for a few days, and off to Provincetown.. but will visit New York through out fall and winter and would love to have coffee with you or come to an opening of your work..

Joetta M. said...


It was my pleasure to write about your work I find it incredibly beautiful. I would be delighted to meet up for coffee or something when you are in the city just be in touch.

Enjoy all your travels.