Wednesday, January 12, 2011

technique, technique.

I first saw the work of Cindy Hickock in the Fiber Art International catalogue and then she was the featured image on the cover of a recent FiberArts magazine. Normally she would not be my taste as something about her work is more traditional (but maybe more 70's/80's is what I mean or maybe it is just tighter, I love a looseness in art?) then I generally like but...

Wow you just cannot deny her incredible technique. Her dense stitches and detailed images are just amazing.

So I thought it was time to finally share her work with all of you. Seems like much of her work is commenting a lot on art history, history, and women's issues. So it deceives you by looking quite illustrative and expected in technique but actually being quite conceptual!

Cindy says this about her work:
The needle is my paintbrush; thread is my medium; the sewing machine an extension of my arm. My journal is my constant companion. I record images, quotations, ideas and news commentary. With tongue firmly in cheek, I incorporate many of these in my artwork, women’s issue being among my favorite topics.

I feel like seeing her work in person especially the larger stuff would make me a huge fan. See more of her work here.

Ok, I kept thinking that I had featured Cindy before and I did, I just misspelled her name so feel free to go over and read my first review of her work here.

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