Friday, January 21, 2011

pixels and nostalgia.

I am looking forward to the artist talk at the Textile Arts Center this Monday which features the artists of their current exhibit and when I saw the name of Ehren Reed, I remembered how much I liked the work she submitted to the show that I curated there. Unfortunately it did not end up fitting into the direction that my show took so I am very glad to see her work in this show and very glad to see her website so that I can pour over her lovely work.

She states this about her work:

My recent work relies upon books, maps and other found materials as I blend together traditional craft, contemporary media and remnants of consumer culture to investigate interpersonal relationships and contemporary culture. My process employs digital media reinterpreted through stitching and embroidery, creating works that develop a conversation between the ethereal world of technology and the hand-hewn physicality of craft.

To me her work has a more nostalgic edge then an obvious connection to technology. Even though once I read her statement I understand that her images are technologically based I do not see this in the finished work as much I would expect based on her statement. This is especially because of the choice of images that she chooses to work with.

But who cares in the end the work is really lovely.

and her artist book and works with paper are just as sweet.

See more here.

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