Thursday, January 20, 2011

a new day.

My day yesterday did not go as planned and was not productive at all. But today the sun is shining and we will be heading out on our walk to the studio soon enough so it is a new day.

But of course since yesterday was a bust I still have lots to do on my applications. BUMMER.

One good thing was that I did get the drawing onto the linen for my "kimono" inspired piece and am super happy with how it turned out. I will take pictures today to share. Above is the image I decided to use as resource material, it will just be the female figure not the environment (which is my embarrassingly messy kitchen and full sink.) But I am struggling with a placement issue for the work that I just cannot figure out and since the work is on an AMAZING linen and will be featured in the catalogue...
I really want it to turn out well. I am hoping that just sitting with it today staring at it on the wall will help to enlighten me, sometimes it does work the staring.

Off to feed the kiddo and then to the studio we go.


Monica said...

here's to a productive day!

Joetta M. said...

started off a little rough but it ended up being productive for sure!
Thanks for the good energy.