Friday, January 14, 2011

a unique everyday.

So I have been re-visiting the artists featured in the Fiber Arts International exhibit realizing that I did not really research all of them and am shocked it took me to so long to get to Kathie Webb as her work was hands down one of my favorites.

Kathie's work is emotionally powerful, technically gorgeous, conceptually revealing and all in all simply wonderful.

Most of Kathie's work deals with the everyday experience, which is of course why I am drawn to it. However, her everyday is a little different then most people as she is the mother of a severely disabled daughter, Kaitlin. Her work documents the everyday experiences of Kaitlin and her family as they care for her. The honest and real images that she works from is inspiring and courageous.

a series which documents her daughter going through school.

I wish more artists worked from such honest and vulnerable places.

Kathie's statement is very well written, honest, and poignant in her words. Here is a taste:

I stitch images that reveal pure moments in everyday life. Through the repetitive motions of embroidery, I join the physical material with emotions and reconcile observable facts with everyday truths.

Historically, women have used embroidery as a creative outlet for coping with the challenges of life. On towels and tablecloths, reflections of household chores and alphabets for learning were carefully stitched. This pastime was a common part of women’s domestic life....

One of the gifts of having a child with severe disabilities is the realization that there are inherent needs to being human. We are born with feelings that create the need for love, security and companionship. Through my work I am sharing my discovery that what can save you is right next to you or inside you. As I stitch, I am not only recreating intimate moments but I am working to make sense of what is now my life.

I love how on her website she documents the "Road to MFA" and how that road means you are literally stitching EVERYWHERE to get it all done. I was that way myself and part of me misses that frantic stitching.

I simply love. I am planning on interviewing her for my regular feature at Mr. X Stitch and look forward to learning more about her work. You can see more here.


Ansie said...

I love the way Kathie's work are installed (in the last pic)'away' from the wall. The shadow created by the space between the fabric and the wall gives a 3rd dimension to the work, which would not be there if the work was flat against the wall. It think this is a really ingenious way to creat depth in an otherwise 'flat' piece.
Thanks for sharing!

Joetta M. said...

Very true. I did not even notice how much that affects the work!

TREVOR Simonsen said...

them some good drawings!

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