Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lovely lace.

Here is some of the lace that has been inspiring me in the studio lately. Maybe I could even do a word work like celebrate out of found lace, could be lovely.

Yesterday was a good day in the studio I got the hair done on the portrait of my mother so am ready to start in on the face, but annoyingly and wonderfully I will most likely need to put this work aside as I need to get started on a piece for a catalogue that needs to be done in March so...
more delays on the work hanging on the walls of my studio but as I work out my idea for this "required" piece I am getting more and more excited. More on that tomorrow.

BTW SO MUCH SNOW here. It is crazy, wonderful, and sucky all at the same time. T has a class today so I have to go dig out the car. It of course could not be somewhere along the train line. Of course!

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