Saturday, February 23, 2008

After the storm...

So after my strange and challenging week, it ended up having a lovely end.

Thursday and Friday I finally got plenty of quality time in the studio.  
I just love being in my space so much, it feels like being home.

I look forward to finally getting a space in NYC but I will surely miss my moldy basement space in Ma.
So I was glad that we had some studio time together and it turned so positive.
My friend Liz recently asked about "work space"
So here are a few snowed in shots of mine.

For me, my work space has to feel comfortable and homey.
I always have lamps, plants, rugs, and a good lounging chair.
I try to stay organized but usually end up with lots of small piles of notes, books, fabric, thread, and photographs.  Organization and my creative process just do not go hand in hand.

I also had a great few hours in the darkroom and was loving some of the images I got.
The darkroom never gets old, even after 12 years.
It is so exciting to get the beautiful rich image out of the processor, and see what you have. 
I do not care what people say... you just cannot beat an old fashioned c-print.
Here is a peek of some images, but I also printed my images for Mollie and the Morning Rituals exchange, so we will keep those for later so she can be surprised.

What are your favorite things about your space and/or process?

Enjoy a lazy weekend if you can.

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