Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I am in Mass. again for a few days and...
I feel a bit sad that I cannot feel more content when I am here, because the light in my little tiny empty apartment is just so beautiful.
When I wake up it just rakes across the room and the table in the kitchen. Which I see from my bed.  
Not to say the light in my NYC apartment is not great, actually that was part of what sold us on it. 
But the light is more confined, its a railroad apartment so you can imagine.
I am a true lover of light, it is what made me study photography and I am always watching it in my life.
Anyway... sometimes I wish I could be happier when I am here.  
But being with my husband for 9 years and my 3 cats for 7...I just do not feel home without them.
It is strange and beautiful when home becomes another being and not a place.
But I guess even as a child this is the case... my mom and dad will always feel like one of the safest places.
What makes you feel home?


Jan said...

I agree. Lighting, light and dark, shadows, etc. seem to be your specialty. And, since I have been around since the beginning, my observation must be valid.

Jo said...

indeed the very beginning.