Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love today...

Struggling today of all days on what I love... but
perhaps it is a good exercise to focus on what you love when
you ain't feelin it!

ok, i tried but...i could not do it and I deleted my post.
So instead of what i love, i am doing what drives me crazy on this day that is suppose to be about love!

my computer, it gets stuck thinking ALL THE TIME!!!!

my hair, what the heck is going on up there!!!

my husband, I still love him but today also driving me crazy!

my apartment, adorable but so freaking small, I have no privacy and we literally have no doors, I mean we cannot be truly separate from one another.

my neighborhood, I just want o go to a great little coffee shop, there be room for me to sit down, internet that works, and no screaming children (no offense to owners of screaming children, I want some of my own, I just do not want one today anywhere near me)  I mean come on I live in Brooklyn, NY and yet there is still a shortage of coffee shops!!!

my cats, goodess they stink up the litter box every freaking moment of the day, I just can't keep up and because of the aformentioned size of my apartment, there is no escape!!!

Ok now I do not feel like a poser because this is really what I needed to say.

But if you need some true I loves check out this, she has a more positive spin to the day and in general a lovely blog.

so sorry for my bahumbuging but here is one thing I do love...

Vintage books....
I found this lovely quote in a, new to me, vintage What is a Valentine?

The Heart
The heart hath its own memory, 
like the mind,
And in it are enshrined
The precious keepsakes, into
which is wrought
The giver's loving thought.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Anonymous said...

Hear hear! (chuckle)

cori said...

jo, i love it! i've been so tempted to do a post like that all week, pms and valentine's day do not go hand in hand. ;) thanks for your honesty.

Liz said...

happy v day!
miss you!