Sunday, February 3, 2008

plant love.

I am a devoted lover of the houseplant. It just adds such love and life to your home.  
As a result of the love of the plant and the location of the plant, near the window,...I tend to have a lot of pictures of the plants.  
So on this lovely sunny Sunday I thought I would share some "plant love."   
As you can see my cat Elvis also loves plant.  
My particular favorite is the red geranium.
What's yours?

Speaking of the love of plants...

The artist couple, Robert and Shaina ParkeHarrison(images above) truly love the earth... and make some really amazing and profound photography about the struggle of the current environmental situation.
The work manages to be both political and poetic.  
I especially like their image The wound.  
I am lucky enough to be able to hear them speak this week at Hampshire College and look forward to their show in NYC later this year. 
So lets hug a plant today.

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